I've been backposting stuff originally posted on tumblr, SVrider1, and ADVrider2 onto my blog here. To make the older posts more accessible, I decided the blog needs a lazyloader.

I'd recently read a post by Alexander Micek on infinite scrolling, and I appreciated his aversion to hashbangs and poor user experience. After a day of adapting his code to this blog's purposes, I'd managed to make it very generic.

If you're interested in adding infinite scrolling to your own site, you're welcome to use it as inspiration or implementation. I've added a whole bunch of documentation and put it on gist.

edited on friday january 13th, 2012 at 16:06 (CST):

Henry took an interest in the code and we discovered that you can't easily pull others' changes back into a gist. The infinite scrolling code is now part of jslib, as infScr-x.y.z.js and infScr-x.y.z.min.js.