site history

This is the 5th iteration of, and the second with a design I actually like. Unfortunately the other design I was satisfied with was written when I was 10, so I have no real history to share.
You didn't miss much.

The last version of was thrown away in around 2006 or so. I've come back to hosting myself because of a dissatisfaction with hosted blogging software, both in user interface and in the creative process. I won't claim that this is any easier, but it implements a process between having a thought and sharing it that works for me.

about me

I'm a Canadian in San Francisco.

For fun I hack up hare-brained projects as they strike me, only a few of which have any staying power. The oldest project still running is this might be offensive, the most popular (by traffic to this site) is a teletypewriter.

In the past I've worked as a bus boy, cook, salesman, mechanic, carpenter, forklift operator, and software developer. I have never been unhappy with a job.

Out of habit I use serial commas and (mostly) Canadian English. As the grandson of an English teacher I care about language, so please report any errors you find.


The design of this blog is based heavily on andre torrez' blog, though I saw the icon set first on FilePile. Andre was not just permissive, but encouraging as I ransacked his design. Other inspiration came from The Ministry of Type and Michael Sippey.

On the right platforms, this site uses Monaco for code and fixed-width text, Georgia for timestamps, and Helvetica for everything else.

The backend of this site is entirely custom-built, and I call it Composing Stick, after the tool in typesetting. It is utterly hare-brained, involving custom markup, many local shell scripts when authoring posts, and a minimum of server-side code for hosting them. Paul also wrote a custom blog engine and his is way better.


Site content is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

Source code featured in posts is released to the public domain unless otherwise noted.

May you do good and not evil.