Up with the sun this morning, and it was cold! I boiled a cup of tea and that was enough to fight off the morning chills.

Now that it's light out I can better explain how I picked this place from its neighbours. First, two garages. The one on the left belongs to the lady of the house, and the one on the right is MAN LAND, full of tools and big screen TV and industrial equipment and three antique bikes. Milami, if you're reading this…

My spot in the madness, on the front lawn.

I counted no less than four John Deere units around the property, all pretty old. I love the look of the headlights behind the grille on these things.

Today's route was pretty boring, a straight shot home, no interstates until East St Louis.

I'd half-assed checking this route after I'd programmed it into the GPS, so once in a while it told me to do something like this. Remember this if you're ever using intersections as via points and the two roads don't actually intersect without ramps.

To those that know me, it should come as no surprise that I followed these directions and took all four cloverleafs. Not because I'm good at following directions, but because I was tired of going straight.

Now, having been raised in Canada, California, and New England, I'd never been exposed to church signs as they exist in The South. I first learned about them due to Ryland's church sign maker, but the true severity of them didn't really sink in until I was well into Tennessee.

So it was fitting that I ran into this guy in Illinois, as I was almost home.

That's god damn right.

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