Our next stop was Ireland, so there was a lot of travelling. By foot IMG_0387.jpg By rail IMG_5853.jpg And by plane (not pictured). We found Ireland very welcoming to travellers, even the children were happy to see us. IMG_0092.jpg In Dublin, we stayed at a place we'd booked via AirBnB, partially due to the promise of tea and soda bread every morning. IMG_5889.jpg In the spirit of underpromising and overdelivering, our host was fostering A KITTEN! IMG_0125.jpg Until visiting, I didn't really appreciate the importance of music in Irish culture. Music is everything and everywhere in this place, and it's great. Even the buskers were talented and well-practiced. IMG_5909.jpg And obviously a visit to the capital of Ireland wouldn't have been complete without some dancing. IMG_0356.jpg Unfortunately, we discovered that foreigners outnumber Irish folk in Dublin. One night, the only Irish in our pub were the waitstaff and the musicians, so we decided we should move on to get a better feel for the country and its people.

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