Amsterdam was a great combination of visiting old friends, making new friends, and meeting old friends for the first time, all wrapped up in an incredibly unique and beautiful city. But perhaps most importantly, Cindy got some pony time.

This is a glimpse of Cor, our horsey host for that day and long time internet friend. Thanks to him and his wife for hosting us for the day.

Thanks to the extensive canal system, it's possible to get anywhere in Amsterdam's city center by boat, but most people in the city get around by foot or bicycle.

I'm not sure why smaller boats aren't common for getting around the city, I assume it has something to do with parking, but houseboats are very common, and seem to be a wonderfully romantic way to live life in the city.

In fact, it's fair to say that Amsterdam is for lovers.

Since my sister and her husband couldn't make it, my family brought cutouts of my sister and her husband to Alaska, and Cindy and I brought carried them on to Europe. Combined with some found objects on the street, we had a good time pretending they were with us.

One last look at Amsterdam, thanks to Mike and Dave for their companionship, hospitality, and humour.

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