While in Alaska, we had to do the stereotypical tourist stuff, such as whale watching, which was a huge success.

The local crab catch was also a success. These guys were in the water doing what crabs do an hour before we ate them; the restaurant had a skiff that spent all day stocking the restaurant, a real life JIT.

In Ketchikan, the non-tourist portions of the town were entirely connected by elevated walkways.

Try as we might, we did have a few familiar encounters, including this trolley that looked an awful lot like one of those fake cable cars in the city. Sure enough, a closer look revealed the truth.

Our last day was a sailing day, and channel traffic was pretty relaxed, a nice scenic finish to this leg of our trip.

As twilight fell, the pleasure craft were in a bit more of a hurry to get home, but we had all the time in the world.

Well, that's it for Alaska. It was a great week, but we were getting cabin fever; it was time to put some miles on. Thanks to my family for such a great time, and thanks to the Radiance of the Seas for being a good home on the water.

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