Finding a free 24 hours, I went to Pattaya to visit an old family friend who emigrated there from Canada 15 years ago. He certainly picked a nice part of the world to settle.

The beach is the primary attraction, and while the experience suffers from the tourism, it's not all bad.

This was the first (and only) time in my visit to Thailand where non-Thai/Chinese people were visible as a group, and you definitely didn't see any locals swimming in the bay, but that didn't stop the sunbathers.

The boat in the background is a type that's pretty common in Asia, but it's still odd to see as a foreigner. The propulsion system is basically a car engine hooked up to a very long shaft with a propellor at the end, to avoid tilting the engine too much (which would cause oil starvation, though there could be another purpose as well).

Pattaya is a destination for people looking for good times that might not be legal in other countries (including Thailand itself), so I don't have many pictures—I left my camera in the apartment just to be safe—but Thailand continued to delight with things you never see back home. As an example, and to wrap up tonight's post, dinner is served:

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