Today we pulled into Juneau. I'm starting to get the impression that even the biggest cities in Alaska feel cozy, because we didn't get the feeling that this was a capital city; more like a fishing town.

While we were moored, the crew did emergency lifeboat drills. The crew don't get nearly enough recognition for the amount of time and effort they put into their work. These people are always working, they really care, and that's huge.

Since we're on vacation, we went into town. Getting past the touristy bits, there were some nice sights and sounds to be had, including a person practicing euphonium on the street.

Including the library, we visited almost every bookstore in the city, one of which left us with this sentiment.

Of the possible excursions, the most visible was seaplane tours of the area, which were limited due to fog. Despite this, there was still quite a bit of air traffic on the water.

Watching them take off and land was fun, like being back in Canada but even colder. The planes land while maintaining a fairly high airspeed1, but while going through photos I noticed something even more interesting; if you can't see it right away, click on the image and have a closer look at the propellor.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this view of town that Milami really liked.

1 I'm told because if they landed too slowly the interaction between the floats and the water would cause a crash, but citation needed for that

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