Anchorage is about 125 miles from Seward, so we had a leisurely drive down to the port, with some stops along the way. One such stop was the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which is a drivearound safari kind of place.

One of the main tasks of the center today is the reconstitution of wood bison herds in Alaska. Wood bison have been extinct in Alaska for some time, and the center has been breeding a new herd based off stock from the Yukon territory, set to be released into the wild in 2013.

Like any good conservation center, one of the main attractions was adorable baby wildlife. These guys were found out in the wild separated from their mothers and are being weaned at the center, to be released once they're independant.

Others were born here on the center's land, and can be raised with their herd.

The center had all manner of large northerly herbivores.

And it was possible to get pretty close to some of them.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Having only four hours of (relative) darkness per day can wreak havoc on a circadian rhythm that's not used to such long days, so there was a lot of napping.

To be fair, parts of the drive were pretty boring despite the gorgeous views.

See you all on the ship!

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