Today we were discharged from the hospital after an uneventful recovery. The best kind of hospital stay. Let's go through the events of the last week.

At some point during the week I got tired of the hospital food and decided to find my own on the street. While crossing a small bridge, we saw this shanty town on the banks of the stream.

We eventually found food and a posh coffee shop. This is Camila, travelling from Spain with her friend, in the hospital room next to ours.

Whenever I walk around Thailand, I'm constantly wondering if this place has any traffic laws. I haven't seen a sign denoting a speed limit (that I know of), helmet use appears to be about 50%, and scooters are often spotted going against the flow of traffic. Despite this I've seen no accidents and in general traffic tends to just flow, without the leaning on the horn and road rage endemic to the West. I like it.

I like it so much, that when given an opportunity, I borrowed a scooter from one of the girls at the Clinic (she rode sidesaddle on the back) to get from the hospital to the hotel on Thursday. Other than forgetting that traffic drives on the left side of the road once, it was more relaxing and easier than riding back home.

I was going to the clinic to pick up my laundry. Having waited until the last possible day to drop off my laundry ("typical male" echoed around the clinic full of women), I had to go shopping for clothes to wear for the next two or three days. The box for the T-shirt I'm wearing in the video above (it says "I'm huge in Japan") reinforced the stereotype.

Here are four of the nurses that were taking great care of Beth during our stay.

Thanks for everything!

On Thursday there was a hospital talent show, a singing competition.

The competition was run with karaoke equipment.

But don't let that fool you. The judging of this competition was serious business.

Turnout was strong. Here's a last shot of some of our nurses again.

Meanwhile, Beth has been very happy with her results. How happy?

So happy.

In the final hours, I took a few last shots of our view from the hospital, starting with this vacancy in the building across from us that looked like a really nice place to live, other than the lighting rod and ground wiring around the roofline immediately above it.

In the same building, one of the neighbours was having a moment of silent contemplation.

And a similar picture to a previous post, but I liked the framing better in this one because it emphasizes the TV antennas. There are so many antennas and various techno-detritus reaching up past the skyline here, it's like a dystopian science fiction future.

Assuming a smooth recovery, we're now at the beginning of the part of the trip where we can be tourists. Paul and Ava meet us in two days, which will definitely help.

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