I'm in Thailand now—really jetlagged—but I wanted to share the view out the airplane window on our approach into BKK.

The rain has stopped, with none in the forecast for at least a week in either direction, but this country's crisis is not over.

The reason I flew into the bay area early was to attend the annual hike in memory of Vinay. Pretty much the whole family showed up again this year, as well as some friends. It was nice to see everybody again.

This year the hike was at Uvas Canyon County Park, which is a gorgeous Calvin & Hobbes kind of place.

killboy posted his pictures for the week, and I made the highlights with my kickstand down.

(Thanks MotorToad for bringing it to my attention)

I was planning on buying a shot anyway since the only picture of me on a bike at my folks' place is years old and shows me on a '72 Sportster. Milami spent some time browsing the images from the week and we decided on this.

Helloo new avatar!

Up with the sun this morning, and it was cold! I boiled a cup of tea and that was enough to fight off the morning chills.

Now that it's light out I can better explain how I picked this place from its neighbours. First, two garages. The one on the left belongs to the lady of the house, and the one on the right is MAN LAND, full of tools and big screen TV and industrial equipment and three antique bikes. Milami, if you're reading this…

Today's route was pretty boring, a straight shot home, no interstates until East St Louis.

It was hard getting out of bed this morning, I was sure that my clock was a few hours fast because it was still dark out when my backup alarm went off (backup because the sun is supposed to be my alarm). A look outside told why—rain!

But it's day 15, and I'm not about to get discouraged by a little weather, especially on my way home to 'lami, so I put on miles until it was dark and I didn't have a lead cage to run interference for deer.

The route I'm taking home from BRP comes courtesy JJ of MO/SIL MSTA, but reversed. He picked a good one, too.

Sorry for the late update, I spent last night at Station's Inn and had no cell reception or internet. How refreshing. Anyway, tonight's a two-day update and covers a whirlwind of travel.

But here's the part we care about from yesterday.

And today.