In November 2011, I spent a month in Thailand with Beth. These posts document some of our experiences.

On our last day of freedom before checking into the hospital, I spent the evening exploring Chonburi with my camera.

Thailand is a really interesting place, and I often found myself stopping to take it all in. Sometimes what caught my eye was melancholy,

and sometimes it was delightfully strange. (yes, I've seen the mannequins before in the states. it's different seeing them here)

I'm not convinced there's a vehicle code here, let alone a helmet law. Scooters are everywhere, and they operate as taxis, personal transport, even food trucks.

There really isn't a limit to what people will load on these things. Just when you think you've seen it all, someone buys a mattress and brings it home on a taxi.

The people here have been very friendly, even though I don't know any Thai and they usually don't know English. Despite this sometimes communication can cut surprisingly deep with a gesture, some miming, or a smile.