Since we were in the area, we had our anniversary at Pillar Point last year. As usual, it was lovely.

But you know that one guy who's always inviting himself to your parties and trying to eat your bread, wine, and cheese? Yeah, this guy.

But overall we managed to have an enjoyable, low-key day.

A few months late, here's to five years down, many more to go.

As I mentioned in my previous post, shops in Thailand tend to spread out into the sidewalk. One of our favourite food stops had most of its seating on the sidewalk. This welding shop didn't have space inside to set up its jigs, so the final assembly work was all done on the sidewalk. Watch your eyes!

This phenomenon wasn't limited to manufacturing, though. Any kind of work can get done wherever there's space to do it. Here's two motodups having a chat while one of them finishes patching a flat.